Welcome to the Mobile Modular Processing Concept!

Developed from the Doppstadt brand on the basis of the mobile modular approach, the MMPC concentrates on project business instead of individual machine sales. This enables us to respond even better to your requirements and offer you optimum advice. 

Our MMPC is characterized by the design of processing plants for different material flows. By combining coordinated processes, the MMPC creates efficiency and flexibility. This opens up economic opportunities for small and medium-sized material quantities to enter the processing sector and optimize the depth and breadth of value creation. 

Our solutions for your applications:

Biowaste and Contaminant removal

Sieve Residues

Commercial waste

Mixed Construction and Demolition Waste

Landfill dismantling

Quick benefits with our system concepts

Traditionally, the term "machine" is associated with stationary technology. From many years of experience at Doppstadt, we have good reasons to rely on mobile technology: 

  • rapid implementation: We can install systems without the need for extensive approval procedures. There is no need for planning permission or long design phases by engineers. The system is ready for operation within a few days. 

  • quick adaptations: Mobile machines can be easily rearranged or new process steps can be added. This means they can be adapted to new conditions quickly and easily. 

  • fast ROI: The MMPC quickly achieves profitability thanks to low investment and a simultaneous increase in added value. 

  • low investment risk: the use of standard components ensures a high residual value of the machines. The mobile solution is also suitable for processing other material flows. Rental and pay-per-use models are also possible.